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Heavy-Duty Tiller


Maxim’s largest transmission produces serious power with slower tine speeds (approx. 72 RPM Max.) that make it possible to break new ground, till deeper in one pass and work in heavy clay soils. The extra power makes it possible to use the large, water filled tractor-type wheels to pull plows, cultivators, and other accessories. The MT50B is made with substantial gardens and tough conditions in mind.



• Rugged all-steel construction

• Simplicity of design for ease of use and maintenance

• Adjustable tilling width

• Repairable transmission

• Drag bar

• Heavy-duty welded tines

    Engine 163cc Briggs & Stratton 750 series
    Transmission Chain Drive (Available with Reverse)
    Tine Speed (Max) 72 RPM
    Tines Heat-Treated Slasher Tines with Replaceable Blades
    Tilling Width 14" or 26"
    Tilling Depth Up to 10"
    Drag Bar Heavy-Duty with Spring Loaded Pin
    Handles 1"-14 Gauge Tubular Steel
    Hitch Precision Cast Hitch with Spring Loaded Pin
    Tires 10 x 1.75 (for transport only)
    Included Accessories N/A
    Length 57"
    Width 24"
    Height 39"
    Shipping Weight 140 lbs





16 Inch Pull Wheels Accessory

16" Pull Wheels

Model: KT1930

For use with models: TP50B, MT50B, GM50B, & MS50B





8 Inch A-Frame Cultivator Kit Accessory

A-Frame Cultivator Kit

Model: KT1932

Model: KT1932B

For use with models: TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B





Photo Coming Soon

Complete Tiller Conversation Kit

Model: KT1935

For use with models: MT50B & GM50B






12 Inch Sweep Accessory

12" Sweep

Model: 336693

For use with all Maxim models






8 Inch Furrower Accessory

8" Furrower

Model: 336695

For use with models: PH50B, TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B






3-Spring Tooth Cultivator Accessory

3-Spring Tooth Cultivator

Model: 336708

For use with models: TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B




8 Inch Furrow Opener Kit Accessory

8" Furrow Opener Kit

Model: KT1931

For use with models: TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B






A-Frame Turn Shovel Kit Accessory

A-Frame Turn Shovel Kit

Model: KT1933

Used as hillers on TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B






Tool Holder Kit Accessory

Tool Holder Kit

Model: KT1938

For use with models: TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B






18 Inch Sweep Accessory

18" Sweep

Model: 336694

For use with all Maxim models






10 Inch Furrower Accessory

10" Furrower

Model: 336696

For use with models: PH50B, TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B






4-Spring Tooth Cultivator Accessory

4-Spring Tooth Cultivator

Model: 336709

For use with models: TP50B, MT50B, & GM50B

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